The 2% Solution: 30 Minutes to Transform Your Life

Reps and Cheer: A CrossFit Twist on the Night Before Christmas

December 22, 2023 Dai Manuel Season 1 Episode 34
The 2% Solution: 30 Minutes to Transform Your Life
Reps and Cheer: A CrossFit Twist on the Night Before Christmas
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Show Notes

Picture this: a gym where sugarplums are replaced with kettlebells, and the night before Christmas is all about the CrossFit Open!

That's the world we're plunging into on our festive podcast episode, where the cherished holiday poem gets a heavy-lifting makeover. It's been over a decade since "Twas the Night Before the CrossFit Open - A poem" first flexed its muscles on my blog, The Moose is Loose, and now it's time to resurrect this gem for a round of holiday reps with a side of laughter.

Join me in a yuletide session where we reimagine a silent night filled, not with quiet snowfall, but with the anticipation of PR dreams and the clinking of barbells. 

We'll squat under the mistletoe as the story unfolds with Coach Glassman leading his eight tiny competitors in a workout of festive proportions—no chimney shimmies here - just the sound of athletes powering through with Christmas cheer. 

So lace up your Nanos and prepare for a sleigh ride of CrossFit cheer; it's the perfect companion to your eggnog recovery shake!

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