The 2% Solution: 30 Minutes to Transform Your Life

Chapter 1: How would you define whole life fitness?

November 13, 2023 Dai Manuel Season 1 Episode 5
The 2% Solution: 30 Minutes to Transform Your Life
Chapter 1: How would you define whole life fitness?
The 2% Solution with Dai Manuel
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What if fitness was about more than just looking good?

Imagine if you could transform your body to function better in your everyday life, making tasks like carrying groceries or assembling furniture a breeze. Join us on a captivating journey as we redefine fitness, shifting the focus from vanity to functionality.

Prepare to be inspired as we unravel the secrets of functional fitness, emphasizing how it intertwines with your daily tasks, enhancing your health and boosting your quality of life.

Transitioning from physical to financial fitness, we highlight how empathy, faith, and a healthy financial state can profoundly impact your life. We tackle intentional blindness and unmask the miracles that lay hidden in plain sight. We examine faith's powerful influence and the importance of mending conflicts swiftly.

Find out how financial stability acts as a catalyst for stronger relationships and opens doors to a world teeming with opportunities.

Finally, get ready to meet our guest, Kerry, who shares her riveting transformation tale under the expert guidance of Coach Dai. Sharing her journey to becoming stronger, healthier, and losing 12 pounds. Kerry's story is a testament to the power of a supportive coach and the monumental impact of dedicating 30 minutes a day to personal health and fitness.

We conclude our episode with a fresh perspective on fitness, breaking it down into manageable daily habits that contribute to long-term wellness and holistic living.

Tune in, and let's redefine fitness together.

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Dai Manuel:

Whole Life Fitness, chapter 1. Fitness is broken. On any given day, the media would have us believe a wide range of crazy claims that a fat reduced diet will make us skinny, that we can sculpt six pack abs in three minutes or less, and that if we don't exercise for more than an hour a day, five days a week, we'll never reach our fitness goals. Above all, we are told that achieving a particular body shape will bring us happiness and fulfillment. My answer to all this Garbage Most people believe in fitness are driven by vanities. Many of us feel pressure to attain a certain body type or to achieve top athletic performance. Much of our framework is built on the preconceived notion that having a lean or muscular body is an indicator, the only indicator, of fitness. But appearances, however cliche this may sound, really are only skin deep. Approach fitness in this way and you're following a band-aid approach to wellness that is simply unsustainable. Over my nearly two decades in the health and fitness industry, I've seen my fair share of quick, fixed thinking and short-term goal-setting. Whether you're trying to lose those proverbial 10 pounds to fit into a wedding dress, rock a bathing suit on your next vacation or surprise everyone at the high school reunion, you gotta ask yourself what happens once the wedding, the vacation or the reunion is over. In the past, as a newly qualified trainer, I was guilty of using weight loss as the main metric for gauging fitness success. I tried shortcuts such as calorie-reduced diets, fat burner workouts and just about anything else I felt could help my clients drop some pounds and reach their weight goal. However, once this was achieved, it was too easy for them to fall right back into old habits. Why? Because I and my past clients never thought beyond losing the weight. With this book, I hope to both educate and inspire you to develop a better understanding of fitness, one that's based on your body functions and feels today, tomorrow, for the rest of your life, because it's all about functional fitness. Let's stop the insanity of a vanity-based approach to fitness. Let's start prioritizing a function based on understanding of fitness. This, as I like to call it, is fun, chintle fitness, with the big emphasis on the fun. This means taking an enjoyable, exciting, uplifting approach to health and well-being, one that's grounded in real life, not the numbers on a scale or the size of your pants. Foremost, it's a lifestyle. It's about tying our goals to a lifetime quest to be the best that we can be. To have a sense of direction on that quest, we need to ask ourselves these questions how do I want to feel in 10, 20, or 40 years' time, as well as what quality of life do I want to have now? And be honest with yourself. You'll start to visualize a new path. You'll start to see how fitness is the very thing that allows you to perform everyday functions, from sitting and getting up, carrying groceries from your car, lifting your child, playing with your grandchild or even putting together the piece of the IKEA furniture. No, seriously, don't laugh, that's probably one of the toughest workouts I've ever had, and I don't think I've ever used so many expletives in one workout ever. Now, in these everyday scenarios, we're recruiting the same muscle groups that are used in conditioning movements, which I will explain in future chapters. So using that chair or sitting on the toilet for that minute mimics a squat. Lifting your ghostries from the floor to the counter, then from the counter to the cupboard, combines a deadlift, a bicep curl and shoulder press all in one fluid movement, and simply getting up from a prone position is the basis of a burpee. What's that you ever heard of a burpee? Trust me, you got some stuff to look forward to. Now we may take these daily actions for granted, but what if we don't look after ourselves or we consider our fitness on a daily basis? Our muscles and bones will deteriorate with age and our mobility will be restricted, compromising even the simplest movements. After all, there is a truth to the old adage Use it or lose it. That is, losing the ability to move your body unassisted results in a serious downturn in your quality of life. Think about it. We all know the importance of investing and saving for our future financial security, but what daily investments do we make into our health? Will a functional fitness focus program prove your progress Absolutely? Is that the ultimate end goal? No, functional fitness energizes you in every moment of your life. It gives you confidence in the knowledge that you're prepared to tackle, if not conquer, whatever physical or mental challenges life throws at you. You'll be able to do the things that you enjoy now and as you age. Just as changing the oil in your car makes it run better, functional fitness is all about tuning up your body so it can smoothly carry you through your life. If you're like most people who build a fitness routine into their everyday life, you'll eventually want to compliment it with other activities like playing spores, hiking, playing with your kids. Can you see how fitness is about much more than what you love Be on the physical. Great fitness feeds into all aspects of your life. I've trained many folks who initially get into fitness to lose weight. They are spurred on by little victories as they progress and, of course, it's great to see them light up with their improved results. I hear them say things like I'm down to dress size. Or I don't remember the last time I was able to tie up my own shoes. That's only the beginning. I know my clients are on the right path. When I hear them say, wow, I haven't woken up with this kind of energy for 10 years. Or OMG, when I used to bring in the groceries, my back would hurt. Or I used to get winded just from going upstairs to get my laundry. Now I can do this stuff with ease. I feel pumped when I see clients put their mental energy toward achieving particular health in fitness school, such as when parents come to me wanting to be a positive role model for their kids. They know they need to be healthy and functionally fit in order to run around the park. They know their kids learn by example and they choose to show them how to live healthy, active life as full of vitality, the whole life. Fitness power 30 program incorporates the 5S, which I like to think of as a house with four walls supporting a great big roof. The walls are fitness, family, faith and finances. With a roof that overarches everything is the fifth F. That's fun. The rock solid foundation of good health and being lies beneath everything and that's what you want to build your house upon. We've already started to explore the first step fitness. But how about the others? Let's talk them. Family to me means your tribe of special, regardless of whether you are related by blood. This may be your partner and children or your siblings and parents, but it can also include your close friends or work colleagues. It's anybody. With them you have an ongoing and deep relationship that grows over time. Your family includes the folks who encourage you to constantly improve yourself. For me, family primarily means my wife, christie, and my two daughters, shard and Amber. I value their pain above all else. My family means everything to me. They help me maintain my purpose. They are a big reason why I'm so motivated to embody the five s as diligently as I do. They give meaning and context to many of the decisions I make and offer me insight and guidance. When faced with a tough decision, I often ask myself what my family would think about it. My moral compass is best directed with one question Am I being the type of man I would want my daughters to marry? If the answer is no, then I have to challenge myself with other questions. Why did I act that way? Why did I have that thought? Why did I speak that way to my wife? You see where I'm going with this. You're still not sure what I mean. Let's explore their side of the coin. What if you didn't have the support of your family, your close friends, your co-workers, your peers? How would that make you feel If I were to say to one of my daughters when they were facing a challenge give up now, you're never gonna do it. How would the family wall of that house look like? I might as well knock it down with a sledgehammer. I've coached many people who have told me that their family doesn't support them on their path to becoming healthier. For example, my husband loves him, but he keeps bringing home pizza and chips for the kids when he knows I want to start eating better or I really feel alone. No one believes I can do it. Heck, I don't even know if I can do it. Why am I doing this? What's the point? We need connection, in a sense of belonging to our group, our team, our tribe, our family. It's a slippery slope we find ourselves on when we're either lost or never had that kind of support. We tend to drift aimlessly through life and we feel isolated and alone. But when you feel happy and love, flavors take on new dimension and colors seem more vibrant in Social wire brains or wired to commute. Neuroscientist Matthew Lieber explains how the human need to connect is as fundamental to our survival as food and water. Children feel hurt when their social bonds are threatened or cut, which increases the likelihood of health and academic problems later in life. Personally, I think John Lennon said it best All you need is love, don't worry. Oh, of course, we're all human with complex emotions that sometimes get the best of us. It's only natural to lose our cool from time to time and to disagree with the people closest to us. I know I've had less than prep, lost my temper with my fit all through the day. I would think about how I lashed out Towards my wife and my kid, replaying that scene in my mind. Yeah, I'd feel so badly about myself that would make bad decisions that work, eat poorly, if at all. Those times really sucked. And before I continue, I'm just gonna go off the chair for a second. I have a section here in the book and those that don't have a copy of the book Hopefully you'll get one, but you'll see there's lots of little add-ins and extra resources that I share within it. Here's one thing about the power of human connection. Human connection is an incredibly powerful motivator. In the past, our ancestors valued human touch and close interactions. This need for empathetic touch remains important today. For example, studies have shown that babies and orphanages have higher mortality rates when they aren't cuddled and socially stimulated. Speaking from personal experience and I know that the power of a hug for my kids, a caress from my wife or even a congratulatory high-fiver, a fist bump from a friend or colleague, but it's a huge pep in my step and elevates my motivation. The seemingly simple action of physical human connection can lift a person from a place of self-doubt to a place of self-belief. I've seen this over and over again with my clients a gentle pat on the back, helping someone up from the floor After set of sit-ups. Any small act of kindness involving a light touch is enough to make a connection and you know the other person lights up. Next thing they pay it forward and they use that energy to tackle their life with a newfound appreciation, passion, understanding. Now to test this idea, try to recall a time in your life when you felt the flayed it or depressed, taking a bad day at work, or time when you lost your temper with your child. Maybe your GPA has been brought down by that C on a final exam, or you gained an extra pound this week even though you're sure you followed your program perfectly. All of these scenarios suck. Yes, I said suck. It's okay to say that you can't be positive all the time. Seriously, we're only human. But can you think of the difference it would make if, in any of those situations, someone you cared about took the time to console you? I see this in my kids. When they feel doubtful at something, a simple loving touch on the shoulder or a few words of encouragement is all that it really takes to help them feel happier, more confident and ready to take on whatever is getting them down. Empathy is more than a powerful emotion. I believe it's an important life skill, one that everyone should practice. Taking the time to understand each other and our feelings can make a very big difference in the world. And back to the book, of course, I'd always apologize when I went home to Kristie and my girls. I'd acknowledge that I wasn't the dad or husband I aspired to be and ask for their forgiveness, and until they felt ready to forgive me, I wasn't myself. My family bond is the mortar between the bricks and tiles of my house, and I'm their wall too. Kristie and I now have a rule at our home, and I encourage you to adopt it in yours. Your family's mantra is simple. It's this Fight fast, make up faster. We might disagree and argue every once in a while, but we make a point of getting it all out on the table, leaving nothing to chance or second guess. We strive to get to the understanding and agreement quickly and then move on. This has worked wonders for us, and I know it can help you too. Just try it and see how it affects the quality of your relationship. If I'm wrong, so be it. But hey, let's not fight about it. Now the second F faith. For many people. The word faith is synonymous with God and religion, but my definition is much broader. Faith is the underlying principle of believing in something beyond yourself. This can be as simple as a belief in the essential goodness of humankind, or a sense of interconnecting this all living things. It's this spirit, this positive driving force and sense of purpose that fuels your courage, as well as your optimism in life. The meaning that we make of our everyday lives is what gives us a sense of direction, which is so crucial to feeling fulfilled. You wouldn't jump into your car and drive without a destination in front of you. The same can be said of our lives when we make decisions by default, without giving them much thought at all. Doesn't it make sense to be more conscious about what we're doing and where we are going? My sense of direction comes from my desire to create positive energy and help people. I have faith that other people feel the same way, wanting to be part of a movement to eliminate or at least reduce stress. I take a leaf out of my daughter's book. Chrissy and I have raised them to have a positive mindset, which has seemed to help them make new friends quickly. When we take them to the park, they're open and friendly toward the other kids because they expect to find some goodness there. Why can't adults exude this type of positivity from us? Studies have shown that when we are highly focused on one thing, we often miss out on noticing the unexpected. At times, this selectivity prevents us from seeing some of the most wondrous sights right around our noses. The vibrant yellow hues of Adaphtha, the fiery reds of a road-bushing bloom, the baby duck and toe behind its mother and siblings, or stimp, the grass blades bent in the wind. These are all little miracles in and of themselves. What if we could focus on seeing the positive in others and in the world around us? How would that affect our lives? Take the Invisible Gorilla. It's a book based on the work of researchers Christopher Chabris and Daniel Simmons. They found that when people focus so hard on something, they become blind to everything else, including the most unexpected, even when it's right in front of their eyes. This phenomenon is called intentional blindness and, once developed, it becomes easy for a person to miss out on little details. In truth, I think that many of us fail to take notice of life's amazing landscapes because we are too focused on the ground beneath our feet. In a time the device is glued to our hands. It's time to lift our heads up and take it all in the Third Eye Finances. Financial stability is a cornerstone of any happy life, whether you have a little or you have a lot of money. Living within your means gives you security and peace of mind. For most of us, buying the things we want as soon as we want them brings short-term satisfaction, but living above our means puts a lot of strain on our lives. When you're buried under debt, you're carrying a load that relentlessly weighs on you physically and psychologically. How can anyone relax and be happy when one of the walls of their house is crumbling? It's impossible. Paying attention to your finances and being realistic about what you really need to spend money on are two ways to be financially fit. Ask yourself how you want to live when you reach retirement. Would you like to travel around the world In the summer's golfing in Australia and the winter's skiing in the Swiss Alps? The range of options available to you will vary based on your financial health in your golden years, but the more financially fit you are now, the more golden those years will be. Speaking from personal experience, it wasn't until I, committed to a forced savings model started amassing funds. I set up a savings account with a monthly transfer. In 12 years I was amazed at how much I had to put aside. Now, of course, I believe that consulting with a financial planner is the best way to go, as I'm a big believer in working with industry experts for assistance in improving the areas of my life where I know I need help. It's beyond my area of expertise or the scope of this book to offer anyone financial advice, but as a personal lifestyle coach, I do ask my clients how they think of their future. It's because you want to increase your ability to live a life full of yes, opportunities. By the way, if you're looking for some great resources to help you with financial fitness, check out the recommended reading list I've shared on my blog. Just a little aside before we hop into the staff fun, dan Butler, do you want to know the secrets of a long life? It starts with some simple practices, according to research, by selling author Dan Button and the Blue Zones Nine lessons for living longer from the people who live the longest. Button, or Chronicles as travels to Blue Zones around the world where there are higher numbers of people who live to be 100 years old, found generally people living in the Blue Zones. One incorporated more physical movement into their daily lives than in other regions. Two had a sense of purpose. Three practice stress reduction techniques. Four didn't eat beyond feeling 80% full. Five opted for largely plant based diets I eat eat and less meat. Six drank a little bit of alcohol, not a lot, mainly red wine. Seven attended faith based services. Eight lived close to their families and nine belong to groups that supported healthy behaviors such as a running, hiking, book club, boy girl, skates, etc. The research by Dan Butler is very interesting and if you haven't checked out his TED talk, be sure to do so. I've also shared my blog, which you can find at diamondwallcom. Now heading into the next step Fun. Each strong wall of our home contributes to the fun we experience. That's why fun is the roof in the house of the 5S. Ensuring your family, faith, finances and fitness involve fun is key to enjoying your life, and moving through life with a fun, loving attitude is only possible when all of the other elements are strong and healthy. Fun can be a great motivator to move your body to. For example, in Stockholm, sweden, a public staircase was modified to look and sound like a piano, people played notes as they climbed or descended the staircase. And this experiment more than 60% of participants chose to climb the piano rather than take the escalator, just for the fun of it. And in Moscow, during the Sochi Winter Olympics, commuters were given free rides on the subway if they performed 30 squats. Pretty cool, right? No matter what your personal priorities or goals, the 5S are integral to a richer, happier life. Like the walls of a house, the integrity of the whole structure is compromised if any one of the 5S is weak. Taking care of the 5S is about getting more out of your whole life. With a solid platform of underlined health, the body becomes an instrument through which you can achieve everything else. Creating a fitness regime that is focused on daily maintenance instead of vanity based short term goals will enable you to have the best possible quality of life as you age, and that changes how you approach everything. This is what I mean by holistic fitness. The mind, body and spirit make up a powerful team. Allow them to support each other and they'll take you far. It's up to you. Most important, the whole life fitness manifest the choices you make, rather than outside forces. As a trainer, I often see habitual externalizing, that is, clients putting the blame on people or situations other than themselves. I hear things like I got a flat tire today so I couldn't show up for my training session with you. Guess, I'm not going to be able to work out with you today. That person encountered an external force that disrupted their schedule and they allowed it to disrupt their commitment to themselves. They decided it was okay not to follow through because they have a convenient cop out. The truth is, in most situations, the externalization just boils down to an internal dialogue. You've made a choice. You've chosen to allow that to be the reason why you can't follow through on the commitment you made. Of course, life is unpredictable and sometimes stuff happens, but usually it's really just a matter of setting priorities. Being a working parent of two girls, I acutely understand the pressure of the challenging schedule. My daughters need to be driven to extracurricular activities or birthday parties and suddenly there's an extra squeeze on the time I put aside for exercise. When this happens, I know that I simply have to find time later or earlier in the day, but my commitment must remain in place. I'm careful to avoid leaning on the no time crutch along with all other two common excuses. There really is truth to the expression. Excuses are just bad habits in disguise. I often stay motivated by remembering people who I find inspiring, and this trick might help you too. If you consider what today's highest achievers have in common, you'll find that mental rigor plays a big role in your success. Prime examples include Oprah Winfrey, global entrepreneur Richard Branson, author and business coach Marie Forleo, motivational speaker Robin Sharma, leadership expert Simon Sinek and scholar BernΓ© Brown. All of these people have a no quit attitude. They believe and they follow through. In particular, I see life success coach Anthony Robin as someone who embodies this principle. Robins aims to inspire people to take control of their lives, to fulfill their potential and be the best that they can be. He also leads by example. Take, for instance, robin's philosophy of gratitude. While teaching the importance of gratitude, robins happens to be one of the most globally influential philanthropists, giving both his time and money to the causes that are important to him. Author Simon Sinek has made it his life's mission to inspire leaders and help people realize their underlying driving purpose, and start with why. How great leaders inspire everyone to take action. This encourages readers to identify their purpose and create a life geared toward fulfilling it. When you have that drive and your spirit is on fire. You wake up in the morning a hop, a skip, a jump. Do you think a person in that mental state wants to go and exercise? Heck yeah, because they are in the right frame of mind to have fun. While they do it, they're already energized, so they naturally draw on to activities that will energize them even more. Our bodies instinctively know that one of the best ways to keep the energy high is simply to elevate our heart rate on a regular basis. The language you use is crucial to connecting your goals to your ability to achieve them. Replace I can't with I can't, and you will find that it leads to I do. I will Replace discipline with desire, and you may find that you feel less bullied by your internal monologue and more motivated. The guilt and blame have no place in the whole life fitness manifesto, and this is where physical and mental fitness really start to reinforce each other with positive feedback loop. We all know we need to push past physical resistance. While working out on a strenuous hike, or even skiing and snowboarding down a tough mountain run, it's mental focus that comes to our rescue and carries us forward. When our muscles start to fatigue. We need healthy thoughts and loving self-talk to encourage ourselves to take care of our bodies and to face the challenges that life throws at us. In turn, a strong, healthy body will give you the energy, confidence and the sense of balance you need to achieve your goals. Of course, there's nothing wrong with bringing in reinforcements, especially when you're just starting. I'll sometimes joke with my clients there's nothing more motivating than my size 12 shoe connected with your butt. Kidding aside, I do understand how a trainer can be motivating, especially at the beginning of a new fitness region. Accountability is a great word, and that added sense of camaraderie or community makes it worth, makes working out a whole lot more fun. The importance of mindfulness. Mindfulness is a bit of a buzzword these days, and for good reason. To me, it is simply a feeling of mental clarity. It means cultivating awareness not only of my body but also of my place in the world. We're reactionary creatures by nature, and the tendency is compounded by so many stimuli being fired at us all the time, especially from media and advertising industry. In an interview with CBS, advertising executive J Walker Smith said that we're exposed to 5,000 ad messages a day, which is a steep hike from the 500 or so we saw daily in the 1970s. While this may seem impossibly high, the truth is we are hit with brand impressions from the moment we wake up until the moment we go to bed, thanks in large parts to the valence of the internet in our daily lives. Just think of the number of brand messages that bombard you just on your smartphone alone Every day. The mass of the media messages we receive is a huge train on our mental energy. I find that my best time for really connecting with that is right after a hard workout. I'm physically taxed, lying on my back on the ground, stretching out into what the yogis call savasna or the corpus pose. I lie with my eyes closed, feet and knees gently falling open, shoulders relaxed and my arms by my side with the palms facing upwards. My breathing becomes shallower as my mind focuses on the job of relaxation. As each thought comes to me, I acknowledge it before gently pushing it away. It's in this state that I can really tune into my body and reach a higher state of clarity. Of course, there are many other forms of mindfulness practice and meditation, which we'll get to in chapter 5. But I love Sebastian because it's simple and it works for everyone. Just taking that 5, 10, or 15 minutes to be still inevitably calms the mind so that ideas can flow. In fact, many of the most creative ideas come to me after Sebastian, such as conversation that I need to have or a new project that I want to start. For me, that's where the mind-body connection happens and it powers powerful pun, each vast. I start to feel I am just being. I don't feel pressure to make decisions because I am able to simply be present in the moment. I'm not worried about past decisions, I'm not concerned about what tomorrow will bring. I'm simply cognizant of my existence in that moment of stillness. I'm there with breathing and gratitude for being there. That's the idea behind the whole life-thinness manifesto To bring you into this state of ease and alignment where everything is just trucking along, feeling good and here's the kicker it's all a positive upward spiral. After incorporating these practices into your life for a while, body and mind is healthy and feeling good, you'll start to experience a deeply satisfying cycle of mental clarity, physical fitness and life accomplishments where everything feeds each other. Our minds are a culmination of everything that's happened before now. For me, that includes every action I've taken, every food I've eaten and every person I've met. Do you think that people get physically fit without taking care of your mental and spiritual self? Sure, but it's harder to get going. It's less fun along the way. The Whole Life Fitness Power Third I designed the whole life fitness power-thirteenth in such a way that you don't have to reinvent your lifestyle or comedy. Instead, you can plug this 30 minute ritual into your busy day. Literally, 30 minutes is 2% of 24 hours. Each 30 minute session breaks down like this 15 minutes for your workout, or the day, or, as we say, the wad. It's not going to work out. Or, if you want call it movement with purpose, following that with 5 minutes for meditation or mindfulness and then, for the last 10 minutes, concentrated personal development. Think about this 30 minutes makes up just 2% of your 24 hour day. This time is just for you, no excuses. Commit to it the same way you commit to brushing your teeth, and I promise you'll see big shifts in your whole life. Remember, you're not alone on this journey. I'm here for you. I'll show you the way, both in this book as well as in our online community. So let's get into a huddle and start making some awesome changes in our lives together. Now in the book I have a few stories from people that I've worked with over the years and people that have been through my coaching as well as participated in many of the free programs that we offer through our various online as well as offline portals. I'm going to just read a few of them that are highlighted in the book. I stumbled onto Diamondwell's blog from deep in my couch and got the chance to be a member of the whole life fitness manifesto community. Sometimes it's hard to find the motivations to do anything, but dive pushes, cajoles and encourage you to take a step than another and another. It's never more than you can handle, but it reminds you that there is always room for improvement, catherine. The next one's from Amanda. Unlike other programs that focus on drastic changes in a short amount of time, the whole life fitness power 30 provides practical and realistic strategies to increase your health, happiness and gratitude, and they all flow into each other aspects of my daily life. When you feel happier, stronger and more energetic, and when you are mindful of how you nourish your body, you naturally gain a new sense of self worth, a desire to try new things and a commitment to make a positive change in all aspects of your life. You spread joy and happiness because it feels good. You feel good and if you have hard, you don't feel like you failed, because there are so many ways to be successful in this program. Next one's from Colleen. The whole life fitness power 30 is a well thought out, easy to follow program focused on self improvement. Every aspect has been covered, from mindfulness and personal development, including helpful links to websites and exercise demonstrations. This program is both thoughtful and practical. As a coach, dye is incredibly supportive, making himself available for any question or concern you might have. He also reaches out and checks in if he hasn't heard from you in a few days. He is genuine in his commitment and passion for wanting everyone to succeed. Kerry says as a working mum of three, dye has really helped me to dedicate what little time I have to my personal growth mind, body and spirit. Through the whole life fitness power 30, I am stronger, healthier and smaller. I have lost a total of 12 pounds in two dress sizes. People in my life have been commenting on my physical abilities, my appearance and dedication to my health. Now I am the one inspiring others. I have completed a leg of a triathlon tough mutter and I recently signed up for another obstacle race. Those are just a few of the many stories of people that have taken time and made time 30 minutes a day for themselves, because you have to prioritize you. You are a non-negotiable, your life matters and with that I bid you adieu and I will see you in the next chapter.

Introduction to Whole Life Fitness
Debunking Fitness Myths
The Vanity-Based Approach to Fitness
The Importance of Functional Fitness
The Role of Fitness in Everyday Life
The Whole Life Fitness Power 30 Program
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The Role of Faith in Fitness
The Importance of Financial Stability
The Role of Fun in Fitness
Testimonials and Success Stories
Conclusion: Prioritizing Yourself