The 2% Solution: 30 Minutes to Transform Your Life

Transforming Mondays from Manic to Magnificent

November 13, 2023 Dai Manuel Season 1 Episode 2
The 2% Solution: 30 Minutes to Transform Your Life
Transforming Mondays from Manic to Magnificent
The 2% Solution with Dai Manuel
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Ready to conquer your Monday blues and set the tone for a victorious week?  

We start with a crucial aspect of setting specific intentions, followed by a little Sunday evening planning, as we believe in the power of small, impactful steps rather than attempting to revamp your entire Life in a single day. Finding your perfect balance is critical - the Goldilocks amount that's not too much or too little but just right.

As we progress, I challenge you to kickstart your day with a nutritious green smoothie, a simple yet effective way to energize your mornings. The best part is, I have a link to a recipe book that you can follow.

Plus, I delve into the 5s of the whole life fitness manifest, an important concept that will be integrated into our future discussions. So, join me as we plunge into this magnificent Monday and set sail for a fantastic week ahead.

Don't switch off just yet; I have a special gift for you at the end - a free green smoothie recipe book!

Now, let's make our Mondays magnificent together!

AND -- here's the link to the FREE Green Smoothie Recipes. Enjoy!

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Dai Manuel:

Good morning, marvelous go-getters, you're tuned into the Monday Motivation episode of the 2% Solution. This is a weekly segment that jump starts your week faster than a triple shot of espresso, and I should know, because I'm a really big espresso fan. And but seriously, you know, I know Mondays are sometimes that dreaded day of the week that we all feel like ugh, heavy, right, hard to get things going. Maybe feel like our shoes are in cement blocks, right, and even just getting out of bed in the morning is a major chore, maybe hit the mute button three, four, 10 times right Before we finally drag ourselves out of bed and get to the day. So every week, on Monday morning, you can wake up and expect a short snippet of an episode There'll never be much more than five to seven minutes in duration so you can listen to it on your commute to work or just, you know, have a plate in the background as you're preparing yourself for your Monday and the week ahead. Because I'm all about setting you up for success. I'm Diamond, well, I am your navigator in this journey of Life Mastery, and today we're gonna crack the code on setting your week up for success, specifically Because, let's face it, mondays for the most part, can feel like we're climbing Mount Everest in flip flops. So the question is is how do we transform our Mondays from manic to magnificent? Because it's not about overhauling your entire life by Tuesday. It's, truthfully, about those small, impactful steps and that set the tone for a winning week. And no, you don't need to wake up at 4 am to meditate for an hour, unless that's your jam, and I mean, of course, if that's what you love to do, that's great. But I know it's pretty easy to look for all these different prescriptions online. And you know, in my own experience, I remember being really excited to have this master list and get committed to doing the things every single morning. But inevitably life happens, and I remember on days where I'd have this list of seven things I'd wanna do before 7 am, before I'd start my day, before the kids were out of bed, right, and I would get very disappointed in myself if I missed a couple of them. And so I had to learn how to start releasing that and really start getting specific on tuning into my body, into my mind, into my energy, and asking myself what do I really need to start my day today and then pick one or two things and then focus on doing those one or two things, and it's not the same thing every day. More often than not I might have certain habits that are the same, but for the most part I really will vary it depending on how my energy's feeling when I wake up in the morning. So let's talk about sending intentions first, and no, I'm not talking about vague wishes, like I want this week to be good. You gotta be specific. You know what does a good week look like for you? Maybe it's nailing a presentation, maybe it's fitting in three workouts, or maybe, if you're like me, not burning dinner. I mean like whatever it is, you just gotta pinpoint it, because this is about steering your ship in the right direction and avoiding those Monday icebergs. Now, next, let's dive into the power of planning. I know, I know the word planning can sound as exciting as watching paint dry, but hear me out. Spend a few minutes on Sunday evening to map out your week ahead. This doesn't mean cramming every minute of the day, each day, with tasks. Balance is key or, more importantly, harmony. You know it's like adding marshmallows to your hot chocolate. You can't have too few because, yeah, it doesn't really. You know, stack up and it's. I mean, it sort of misses the point of hot chocolate with marshmallows, right, but you can't have too many either. There's that you're looking for, sort of that Goldilocks amount, that just right amount. But this idea of harmony over balance, I think is critical to really take to heart, because, like a great symphony, you can have so many different sounds all happening at the same time and I love this word, I never get to use it but a cacophony of sounds, right? Oh, I know you're gonna have to look that one up, I know I had to so. But you know you got all these different sounds and it's crazy If you hear any sound on its own, it really doesn't make a lot of sense, but you put them all together in this sort of tempo and rhythm, right. All of a sudden you've got this masterpiece and the thing is it's balanced. Everything works together to create this amazing uniformity. And I really look at how we plan our days to days and our weeks to weeks, months to months, years to years, and I think we can find similar harmony between the things that pull us and the things that push us, more importantly, the things that we're going after. All right, getting really clear on whether or not there are those goals. So that idea of balance is pretty key. Or, like I said, harmony. Now let's chat about the morning routine, because, again, I hinted at that a second ago. But how you start your day literally sets the stage for the rest of it. Maybe swap hitting snooze, you know, seven, 10, 20 times, or something a bit more well-awakening, you know. Maybe a quick stretch, a healthy breakfast, like I love smoothies and in fact at the end of today's episode I'll share with you how you can get my green smoothie recipe book at no charge. It's just a gift I want to give away to all the listeners. Again, I'm a big on empowering people with knowledge, so I'll share with that in a second here. But, you know, rather than hitting snooze all the time, focus on something that's going to jazz you up, going to wake you up. So I do love a quick stretch or a mobility session. I've got a great video on YouTube. Actually it's a 24-minute mobility routine. It's sort of my go-to when I have something as a little quick hit. So again, it fits into that 2% idea. A healthy breakfast Again, I tend to do smoothies a lot of the time because it's simple, it's easy, but it's super nutritious. Plus, it injects all this amazing nutrition into your body and it sets your nutrition choices up for the rest of the day to be really successful. Because when you start the day feeling good, feeling energized, feeling jazzed, feeling focused, you're going to want to maintain that feeling. So you'll find that you make better decisions throughout the day. Because you know, you know, if that all sounds too challenging and I know I always want to be devil's advocate and empathize with people in this situation even just a few minutes of really honing in on what you're grateful for in your life that can make you feel like a superhero. And the cape is optional, of course. So here's my favorite, you know, embracing the 2-minute rule. If something takes less than 2 minutes, do it instantly. You know this is sort of that same idea of inbox zero. I don't know if everyone's familiar with that, but it's this whole concept that it's a way of sort of sorting your inbox and in it. I follow this very, very much so with my own email management. But if something comes into my email and I look at that email and I'm like I can actually get that off my plate, responded to, checked, you know, file the way, archived, whatever. Just get it off my radar, acknowledge it and be done with it. In under 2 minutes I'm going to do it right, then and there. This is great because I can at least see the list getting smaller. It creates this positive momentum, it creates a little bit of flow and really, trust me, it's more satisfying than popping bubble wrap, like, literally, I named popping bubble wraps fun, right, but this is very satisfying. So this little hack keeps those small tasks from piling up and turning your Friday into a I can't even kind of a day. You know what I mean. It's where we get to the end of the week and we're like, oh my gosh, I got all this stuff I haven't done this week and we try to jam it all in before the weekend. Right, and most of the time we just feel really frustrated with ourselves, not a good energy to have as we head into the weekend, of course. So, my friends, as we wrap up today, remember success isn't about moving mountains on Mondays. It's about placing the right pebbles. Set those intentions, make a plan, kickstart your morning and tackle those tiny tasks. Do these and you'll not only conquer your week, but maybe, jeff, maybe you'll actually start looking forward to Monday mornings. So, anyways, thanks for tuning in to the 2% solution. As I said before, I'm Diamond Well, your host, and, of course, trying to be the best guide I can for you on your own 2% journey, and you've been fantastic, as always. Don't forget to subscribe for more life hacks, laughs and ways to make every week as extraordinary as you are. And if you found value in today's show, please leave a five star review and share this episode with someone you feel could benefit from hearing it. Until next time, keep thriving, keep laughing and keep moving forward. Here's to a fabulous week ahead. Oh, and I almost forgot For those that are looking for the Green Smoothie recipe book, in the show notes I will have a link right. So if you go to the2%solutioncom, that will take you to the podcast website where you'll find a link to grab that copy of the Green Smoothie recipe book. So I want to encourage you if you start having a smoothie every day to start your day, and you do that for 14 days straight, honestly, straight up, you will notice a huge shift in your energy, especially your nutrition choices in the day. So that's my challenge to you, or more so, an invitation of challenges, a little too challenging. My invitation is to grab that and power yourself with some great knowledge on how to kickstart your day with something super nutritious and easy to implement on the day to day. With that, I'm going to bid you adieu and I will see you next time where I'm going to be jumping into the 5s of the whole life fitness manifest and explaining that whole philosophy as well as how that's going to be integrated into future episodes. So with that, have a great week ahead.

Transforming Mondays From Manic to Magnificent
Incorporate Green Smoothies for Energy Boost