The 2% Solution: 30 Minutes to Transform Your Life

The Ripple Effect of Devoting 2% of Your Day to Yourself

November 13, 2023 Dai Manuel Season 1 Episode 1
The 2% Solution: 30 Minutes to Transform Your Life
The Ripple Effect of Devoting 2% of Your Day to Yourself
The 2% Solution with Dai Manuel
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Welcome aboard the transformation journey that starts with just 2% of your day – a mere 30 minutes devoted to self-development.

I'm your host, Dai Manuel, and I have quite a tale to tell.

From tackling obesity as a teen and combating alcoholism in my 30s to managing a chronic autoimmune condition, I've been on the frontline of life's battles. The turning point was when I decided to devote 2% of my day to health, happiness, and personal growth. This seemingly tiny commitment initiated a ripple effect of significant life transformations.

As we traverse this journey, we'll dissect the science behind small, consistent actions and understand their transformative power.

We'll shed light on the neuroscience of change, the mindset needed for sustainable impact, and how to make these pockets of time non-negotiable in your routine.

Expect fiery discussions, practical strategies, engaging guests, and answers to all your burning questions. If you've ever felt overwhelmed by the enormity of change or yearned for a healthier, happier, and more confident life, this podcast is a treasure trove of insights waiting for you!

Buckle up, subscribe, share with your friends, and remember – taking control of change is well within our reach.

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Speaker 1:

Hello and welcome to the official first episode of the 2% Solution Podcast. I'm Diamond Well, I will be your host and guide for as long as you keep showing up to listen in on the 2% solution. Today, I'm going to dive into the heart of this podcast and really explore its inception. In particular. Why this podcast? Why now, and why do I feel so drawn to bring this to the masses? Years ago, I found myself stuck in a rut, feeling like change was an insurmountable mountain. Then a simple idea struck me what if I dedicated just a fraction of each day, consistently and frequently, to something positive? That's when my 2% journey truly began. Let me tell you, it's been transformative. You're probably wondering why 2%? Why not 5%, 10%, any other arbitrary number? Well, 2% is actually 30 minutes of every 24 hours. If you were to look at your day, your 24-hour day, and chop it up into 100 little pieces, each piece of that 1% would be 15 minutes. My invitation and really my challenge to anybody and everybody out there is, if you can make 30 minutes a non-negotiable for your own self-development, daily, watch out, because as intimidating change can be at times and then as unwanted as it can be at times, you can find yourself feeling very much in the driver's seat of change because you're doing the right actions for the right reasons and typically the right results will follow. But we have to start somewhere and I find that is where most of us are challenged. I know myself personally on my own, huge obstacles that I've had to overcome in my life, whether it be morbidly obese as a teenager or as I got into my 20s, my early 30s, my struggles with alcohol and then, as I got into my mid-30s, being diagnosed with the chronic autoimmune condition. My hematologist jokingly you should just live in a bubble. I can't do a burpee in a bubble class. That's not the kind of life I want. And I also know even now, as I head into my 40s right or my late 40s and I'm staring down the barrel of 50, there's lots of changes happening every single day, personally, professionally and I'm not alone in this I know you two are dealing with a lot of change in your own life. From time to time Most of us find ourselves feeling like Indiana Jones in that classic movie Raiders of the Lost Ark. Some of you may or may not have seen that, but for those that have seen it, remember the first five minutes of movies is epic. It sets the tone and for those that haven't seen it, it's not really a spoiler. No spoiler alert here, because you can go on YouTube and you can see the clip. But here's the deal. First five minutes of movie, we find Indiana Jones, the protagonist of the movie, right, the whole franchise, harrison Ford and he's working his way through this Aztec cave system to search for this gold idol, eventually finds it. Now, throughout the process, he's been triggering some booby traps because, like on most journeys that we find ourselves, there's always some trip falls right. Like, we have these little hazards that we're trying to avoid. But in evidence, we make mistakes, we trigger certain things, there's certain things that might slow down our journey to searching for that goal and in this case, indiana Jones' goal was the gold idol. He eventually gets it and, sure enough, he's trying to escape this cave system with the gold idol and he's clutching onto it with his two hands and he's holding on tight. Think about it Every time one of us reach a goal, we get there, we're happy about it, we're like whoa I did, and especially sometimes those goals that we're chasing are so challenging to go after. We've been working diligently in cases, sometimes years, maybe even a lifetime to achieve a certain goal. And inevitably we see Indiana Jones, the hero, escaping this cave system. But he triggers a one final booby trap and it's this massive boulder. And this boulder is 10 times the size and it is barreling down behind Indiana Jones and he's running and he's sprinting and he's dodging and he's parrying and he's just trying to get into this cave system before the boulder runs him down. Sure enough he makes it out of there just barely by the skin of his teeth. Sure enough to find that he's now has to hand over the gold idol to an arch enemy, bellock. Okay, I won't go into it anymore. That's pretty much the first five minutes of the movie. Go check it out. But why I'm bringing up this first five minutes is I think it's a wonderful way of establish this idea of change for most of us, because that first scene in Indiana Jones is a wonderful metaphor for how most of us experience change. We are Indiana Jones, we're working towards goals, or maybe we've achieved a goal, but then all of a sudden comes change and we just want to avoid it at all costs. And it's not easy. How change itself isn't easy. Otherwise we'd be waking up every day, thinking more change today, please, it's just, it's really hard. So my goal and, truthfully, my reason for being here on this planet, is to help people navigate change in a healthier, happier and more confident way, because when you can have a better relationship with change, you won't be as intimidated when those unexpected moments appear in our lives. And there's. We deal with a lot of hardship, we deal with the hard stuff, but I'm here to tell you you're resilient, you're very resilient. In fact, your DNA is encoded with resiliency. We are part of this human species that does a wonderful job of surviving in harsh conditions, overcoming challenges we think are insurmountable, but we also have this ability to adapt and evolve. Remember that's in you. But how do we put ourselves in a situation where we can be in control or at least more proactive with change? And this is where the 2% solution comes in If you're to dedicate 2%, 30 minutes every 24 hours, to developing your health and I'm talking holistic health, your mental, your physical, your emotional, your spiritual, your financial, your physical, like all of that, because you are all of those and now I'll get into the 5s in the next episode, but where I give you some actual frameworks, ways to potentially do that in a very structured and focused way. But for now, this idea of 2% is just trying to create space for yourself every day and make it a non-negotiable where at least you prioritize some self care. Because, let's look around, our world seems in constant flux. We're juggling many roles and so many challenges, and there's a growing need for tools that help us navigate this dynamic landscape. The 2% solution is my answer to this call, a beacon in these uncertain times. With this podcast, my vision is to share with this powerful tool. With you, I want to create a space where we discover together how small changes can lead to profound shifts in our lives. But what's in store for you? My listeners, but more than my listeners, my tribe, my community, we're all going to be part of this 2% collective, and I'll share a little bit more on that later. So let's get ready to dive deep, because it's not just any podcast, it's your LICE Next Game Changer. Every episode it's going to be a vibrant fusion of electrifying conversations, no nonsense strategies and wait for it Some of the most riveting guests you may have ever heard. Consider it your weekly vitamin boost, juicing you up and setting your spirit ablaze. Hold onto your headphones, though, because I'll dive solo into some life-altering topics as well. I'll tackle the burning questions. You, my most amazing listeners, fire my way and leave you with dynamite steps to catapult you towards your goals, your visions and your dreams. But wait, there's more. I've handpicked a star-studded lineup of industry bigwigs. Now these are real trailblazers. These are people that have gained a great deal of wisdom Remember, knowledge and action is wisdom. To just live in their lives, personally and professionally and everything in between. And together with these amazing guests, we'll uncover their secret sauce, that consistent magic touch that's fueling their epic wins in life. And in many cases they're bored or, wherever they show up for that, professional goals and aspirations being met. And for those of you craving a quick fix, stay tuned because every week there will be a couple sizzling short sessions as well. Monday Motivations is all about setting your week up for success, getting your mindset right, setting the intentions. So Monday through Friday, you're feeling good, feeling great, knocking off things on your to-do list but, more importantly, prioritizing that 2%, 30 minutes every day into yourself. Also, on Fridays Fit Tip Fridays you'll get a little snippet. These little snippets are anywhere from about three to seven minutes in duration, and Friday, specifically, is going to be focusing in on something that's fitness and health-orientated, to help you set some intentions as you head into the weekend. So look at these as little deposits into your mental state to help you continuously grow and evolve, but with intention. With intention, All right, all those they're still here. Whether it's a health act at turbocharger morning or a burst of mindfulness to reset your day, I've got your back. So let's rock this journey together. But here's the thing it's not just my journey or yours, it's ours. I want to hear your stories, I want to hear your challenges, I want to hear about your 2% triumphs, because together we're not just a podcast audience, but we're a community, and that's why, along with this podcast, I'm launching the 2% collective. This is a community for those that are loving all this information being shared, the actionable items that we're also going to be sharing from guests on future shows and provide you with one-pager action items. You know how many of us go to on podcast or watch a great video, and often we're doing it when we're commuting and we think, oh man, that was awesome, I'm totally going to try that. And we have the best of intentions, but then life happens. It gets in the way we forget, we get busy, we get sidetracked. And so to really support you and this not only just the immediate listener, but, more importantly, the collectives, this tribe, this community of life enhancers right, I want to provide you with the resources from every episode, and it'll be in a one-pager format. It will be available in a free community for you to get access to. But, more importantly, you also get wonderful information from other resources, other community members, and you get the accountability and support that I know many of us are lacking, and that's why sustaining our commitments towards positive change in our lives is so challenging to maintain at times. It's hard to go on a big journey on our own, but when you got a couple of friends side by side, trust me, it is a lot simpler to maintain it. I didn't even go as far as say easier, at least in my own experience, and I'm curious have you experienced it that way too? So here's my challenge what's one small change you can make today? Maybe it's going for a short walk. Maybe it's finally sitting down to read a chapter of that book that you picked up a while ago, that you've been meaning to read. I've got a few of them on my shop that have been sitting there for about a year, so I'm also into this one, or even maybe it's just a moment of mindfulness. Share it with me, share it with the group, share it with the friend. Let's inspire each other. Next week, we're diving deep into the science behind the 2% idea, also exploring how our brains are wired for these small yet impactful shifts. You're not going to want to miss that. You're going to dive into the neuroscience of change and the mindset piece of change. So that's going to be common out on the future episodes, along with lots of other cool resources. But before I sign off, I really want to say thank you and express my gratitude for you for being here as I set off on this awesome journey, and I'm excited to be on this with you. If you're as excited as I am, please subscribe, share. Let's make our 2% resonate far and wide and remember until next time it's the small changes that make the biggest ways.

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